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TwinPegs Baja Review

The first professional review of TwinPegs was published by the California based famous MX photographer Simon Cudby (@cudby) on his excellent site for Adventure Motorcycle content offroadundergound.com / @offroadundergroundofficial. Read the entire review by clicking here. [...]

Mark Collier

Ride Report / Review, TwinPegs™. I was intrigued at the concept of a dual-peg ride format, so i contacted the designer, Kai Ingvald Flateland, and asked to get involved early in the test and evaluation process. (I previously worked [...]

Jeff Kleist

Just returned from riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR). We brought along several new products to try out on an extended off-road ride! The one we are most excited about is TwinPegs! They provide an incredible amount of [...]

Crispin Gardner

My riding mainly consists of off road adventure riding in Australia. When I saw TwinPegs in a post on Facebook I made contact with Kai Ingvald to see if they were available in Australia as I immediately could see [...]

Jon Tønnessen

As the world’s first test pilot for the Twinpegs for BMW R1200GS I have now been testing this out for 5 weeks, and well over 10.000km of riding in the Alps, Dolomites and some rather interesting gravel roads in [...]

My first rodeo!

This is the first public physical presentation of the TwinPegs™ concept. It is amusing to see the look on peoples faces when they stand stable on a motorcycle for the first time, even without holding the handlebars. Feeling is [...]