This is the first public physical presentation of the TwinPegs™ concept. It is amusing to see the look on peoples faces when they stand stable on a motorcycle for the first time, even without holding the handlebars. Feeling is believing! The obvious question came more than once: «Why isn’t motorcycles designed like this?» So far, my answer is still : «Because until now, nobody have challenged the standard solution, used on motorcycles at all times». Fabrication of the first pilot production series was ready the day before the motorcycle show, and fitting the parts on the bike for the first time, was exiting! They fit perfectly, and I am glad to conclude that the «bolt on» assembly solution developed for this BMW kit, works perfectly. This will definitively be the solution to use on all coming TwinPegs™ kits, because it is robust, versatile, simple and simple to produce. I am really looking forward to the two remaining days of exhibition, meeting lots of nice motorcycle enthusiasts. It is fun to present something really new! Welcome to lot D01-27, TwinPegs AS!