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Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews

“There is nothing else on the market that is comparable”

“Makes it easier to stay in balance in difficult terrain”

“Riding on gravel standing up is a dream”

“You use less energy”

“Gives you great stability into turns, and amazing traction out of turns”

“Highly recommended”

“Definitely a great new experience when riding offroad in the standing position. The rider has more stable support at the feet due to a larger duel footpeg surface area. This reduces fatigue and extended pronation of the ankle allowing for more comfortable riding while standing. Rider input through the feet and legs is more direct and controlled allowing for better comand and riding technique.”
Dominic Thorburn

“Having the twinpegs relieves a great deal of rider fatigue, makes it easier when riding off-road over obstacles, and steep inclines/declines. It leaves me feeling significantly more connected to the motorcycle.”

Isaac Cohen

“I have not seen or found anything comparable to TP. And I have tried!
TP gives off-road driving a whole new dimension. Much less fatigue in the legs and a much better control on the motorcycle.”

Pål Arnesen
“I can ride standing for longer, I feel more in control of my bike, peg steering is easier, balance is improved, lower body circulation is improved as I have a more flexible stance, the entire body can ride more relaxed.”
Thor Holm-Ellefsen

“Thanks to Kai, I now have a set of TwinPegs on my GS 1200 mated with my existing Pivot Pegs. I have only managed some limited off road riding so far but straight away I felt so much more comfort when in the standing position. I feel I could manage much longer times in the standing position with these pegs. I also feel that with the more rearward position of my heel on the rear peg that the weight transfer will greatly help with sand riding. I can’t wait to try the TwinPegs in the Australian outback. Thanks Kai and TwinPegs.”

Crispin Gardner

“Had my first practice sessions with prototype Twinpegs mountet on a 2017 Ktm exc 250 this weekend, and first that comes into my mind is – wow, this is pretty awsome.”

Erik Helgesplass

“I’ve logged over a thousand miles, on and off-road with these twin pegs (TP). I initially installed just one peg, so I could compare the fatigue of both legs. With TP, I have a more stable platform while standing. I can stand much longer and ride in a more controlled manner. I won’t ride another dual-sport bike with out them. I ride a R1200GSA.”

Mark Collier

“Makes it easier to stay in balance in difficult terrain. You use less energy. I drove at least 50% more in the standing position, and riding on gravel standing up is a dream.”

“Gives you great stability in to turns, and amazing traction out of turns!”

Kristian Felix Jensen, Norwegian National Team of Enduro

“I have now been driving since June 2018 with TwinPegs on my bike, and one thing is for certain, I will never own a bike without TwinPegs again. I was the first to have the kit adapted and mounted on a BMW R1200 GS. The driving experience was totally changed for me, and is hard to explain, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT.”

Jon Tønnessen

“Just returned from riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR). We brought along several new products to try out on an extended off-road ride! The one we are most excited about is TwinPegs! They provide an incredible amount of comfort and stability while riding off road! Less fatigue and a lot more comfort!”

Jeff Kleist

“The driving experience was totally changed for me, you have to try it”

“TwinPegs provide an incredible amount of comfort and stability while riding off road”

“I won’t ride another dual-sport bike without them”

“Standing for 15-25 km at the time is no sweat with TwinPegs fitted!”

“I notice feedback from the bike in a completely different way than before”