Just returned from riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR). We brought along several new products to try out on an extended off-road ride! The one we are most excited about is TwinPegs! They provide an incredible amount of comfort and stability while riding off road! Less fatigue and a lot more comfort! Designed and manufactured in Norway for the 2013-2019 BMW LC R1200/1250 GS with additional makes and models in development.

Vamoose Gear is proud to become the first dealer in the USA to stock TwinPegs! https://vamoosegear.com/produc…/twinpegs-ergonomic-foot-pegs

We will have these on a bike where you can throw your leg over to feel the difference at the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado Rally in Paonia, CO the weekend of July 18-21 and at the GS Giants rally in Delores, CO Aug. 1-4! Hope to see you there!

– Jeff Kleist