TwinPegs™ are motorcycle model specific kits with attachment brackets, rear foot pegs and assembly details. The original foot pegs are used together with the TwinPegs™ kit, and stay in the same location as always. TwinPegs™ can be used with aftermarket/ lowered primary foot pegs, see model specific product description on shop page. The rear foot pegs fold away with spring return when required, just as the original foot pegs.

Designed & Made in Norway

All TwinPegs™ components are fabricated in Norway, with uncompromising quality.

The brackets and foot pegs are machined from high strength billet aluminum and anodized. The fasteners and return spring is made from A4 stainless steel. In some kits a few high tensile steel bolts, of similar material quality and corrosion protection as the original bolts, are used.

TwinPegs™ are invented and designed in Norway by Kai Ingvald Flateland, MSc in machine construction & product development. He is a motorcycle enthusiast for life, the independent company TwinPegs AS is founded on motorcycle enthusiasm.


Lifetime warranty

TwinPegs™ offer a lifetime warranty against breakage. The guarantee does not cover damages to the rider, the motorcycle or rider gear claimed to be caused by the use of TwinPegs™, nor wear and tear.  An installation procedure is following the product, it can also be downloaded on this site, at “downloads”. The guarantee does not cover damages caused by installation errors like ruined threads etc. TwinPegs™ is used at customers own risk, the company TwinPegs AS are only responsible for the TwinPegs™ product itself.