Another milestone for TwinPegs AS is reached, the first product review has been posted on TwinPegs™ page! I will not feature all reviews, they are available for everybody anytime, but I do an exception for this one written by Jon Tønnessen, as it is the first review posted:

As the world’s first test pilot for the Twinpegs for BMW R1200GS I have now been testing this out for 5 weeks, and well over 10.000km of riding in the Alps, Dolomites and some rather interesting gravel roads in Slovenia. First of all, the Twinpegs kit was fitted on my bike with two identical (original) pegs from BMW – the one pair originally fittet to the bike, and a new pair bought for this bracket. I soon discovered that when sitting and doing normal road riding I could have had a little height difference between the back and front peg, so I stripped the rubber from the front peg, and it gave the perfect angle for full support on both pegs when sitting on the bike. Also when standing it still gave a perfect support on both pegs. Normally when sitting on the bike for many hours, I always have to move my feet back and forward on the single peg to move the pressure under the foot to a different location. This was no longer an issue, it never got to the point where my feet sole got sore or tired.

When riding in the Alps, the roads are as a snake, and you shift pressure from foot to foot in every bend. I felt that this became much easier and gave a much more relaxed sensation when riding very active. When going offroad, and on very loose gravel it gives a lot more control when standing up, the shifting of body weight back and forth, and from side to side. I felt more in one with the bike, and a lot more confident from getting the point of gravity to where it was needed in order to get the ride as smooth as possible.

The test that I have done, consists of mainly ordinary road, sitting and riding actively in steep hills and hairpin turns both up and down. And it gave me a new sensation of increased control and relaxation due to the pressure being distributed over the whole foot and not just on a single peg. When standing up and riding in terrain, my worry was that I would get less freedom of movement in towards the frame on both sides, but the design is done in such way that the pegs are the highest point – there is no part of your feet that is touching the bracket itself. Also shifting and braking is just as it is without the Twinpegs. You do not loose any freedom of movement at all. This product was originally made for Enduro bikes, but for the BMW R1200GS and GSA it is something I definitely will have also on my next GS/GSA. I know the bracket now already is produced for the LC versions. I hope there will be many BMW GS/GSA riders that will fit this on their bikes, I know it will give a very positive experience to the rider.

– Make Life A Ride –

Jon Tønnessen