Erik Helgesplass Danish Enduro Championship

Since there was no race for a while here in Norway, we decided to try our luck in the Danish enduro championship.Denmark is just a quick ferry away From Norway, and well known for their great hospitality and good food (and beer).

Since this was a sandrace we decided to go one day earlier for some training. We went to Esbjerg mx track, a very nice sandtrack. I had a small accident there that almost ended my plans for the Sunday main race, since i messed up my achilles pretty bad.

Before this race i had installed TwinPegs™ prototypes on my GasGas enduro bike, and i dare to say they really saved the day. Because of the TwinPegs™ and the way they support the ankle i could focus on the race rather than worry about causing more damage to the leg. Passing other riders at high speeds while standing totally stable on TwinPegs™, is good fun. Ride faster further!

My class, 40+, was racing 3 hour in the loose sand. Very fun, but also very hard! I finished at sixth place in the class, something i am satisfied with. There were 87 riders in total, my overall result was place. The great photo is taken by the Danish photographer “Pigen med kameraet”.

Racing in Denmark was a very positive experience, and we will try to finance a trip over there to race round 2 which will be held 28.04 at Jægerspris.

Big thanks to your sponsors:

Twinpegs (i seriously want a BMW GS just so i can mount them up on that also)

Auto consult AS, for their help with cars so we actually get to the races.

Bergs serviceteam,for economical support.

Biotec Composite, for economical support.

Backstube Drammen, for feeding us when we spend hours in car to get to races.

And my loving (and very patient) family who support my more or less great ideas:)

Best regards

– Sir Crashalot