The TwinPegs™ project is moving fast forward. The testriders in USA, Australia, Netherland, Brasil, South Africa and Norway are testing and series production is ongoing.

The webshop at is not open for orders yet, unfortunately. That is thus the main focus at the moment, hopefully this will be ready within a few weeks. It will of course be announced here, and at the website, when TwinPegs™ are ready to receive and process orders.

Tomorrow, 29th of May 2019, it will be possible to test ride a TwinPegs™ equipped BMW R1250GS at the BMW dealer in Kristiansand, Norway; Motor-Teknikk AS.

The TwinPegs™ kit will stay assembled to the demo bike even after this demo day, please contact Motor-Teknikk if interested later.

In the same way, a TwinPegs™ kit is assembled to a demo BMW R1250GS at the BMW dealership in Sandefjord, Norway; Speed Motorcenter. Please contact them if interested.

Welcome to a testride of TwinPegs™, that reveals even more of the potential for fun in the BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA LC!