It is definitively time for an TwinPegs™ update. I presented the TwinPegs™ project on several international BMW R1200/1250 GS FB forums earlier this winter, and I received valuable feedback and gained many new useful contacts among GS enthusiasts worldwide. I am proud to announce that I have reached my goal of organising high quality serial production here in Norway. “Designed in Norway – Made in Norway!” will be a 100% true slogan!

I have used my 3D-printer extensively, to qualify the design and verify sufficient clearance to other components and structure where that is required. I have also used modern engineering tools to verify and calculate the designs. Design and product development is an iterative process, and I have done many iterations.

However, I will not offer the final product for regular sale before it is thoroughly tested by qualified testriders, and the production process have been tuned and tested. I also have to test the production process before the retail price can be decided. I now have testriders waiting for their kits to arrive in USA, Australia, Netherland and Norway. I guess they will cover at least some of the many ways a GS can be used.

I decided to design my own secondary foot pegs from billet aluminium, same production process as the TwinPegs™ brackets. This was done to keep the retail price for a complete bolt-on kit as low as possible. The TwinPegs™ brackets are designed to accept original foot pegs at the rear position, or any other aftermarket foot pegs that is designed to replace the original ones. If riders already have invested in aftermarket foot pegs, and want to use these in combination with their original foot pegs at the rear, it will be possible to buy the TwinPegs™ bracket kit without the aluminium foot pegs, to lower the retail price even further.

I have sent an early version prototype kit to one of my testriders in Australia, to get a head start on the test work. He will be the first in the world to test Twinpegs™ in combination with aftermarket foot pegs from PivotPegz as primary foot pegs, exiting!

As soon as I have his test report of these preliminary prototypes, I will issue it here. Please share with fellow Offroad riders.

My resources are limited, so I have to focus on getting this product to the market first. My plan is also to develop TwinPegs™ kits for other models and motorcycle brands, so the TwinPegs™ benefits and «ski feeling» riding experience will not be exclusive to owners of BMW R1200/1250 LC GS/GSA bikes. Please send a message to this page, and propose models!

Have a wonderful day!