I participated in the Enduro Race Kongsberg Grand National 22.sept with my TwinPegs™ equipped Yamaha WR250F. My overall results were not impressive at all, TwinPegs™ doesn’t compensate for the lack of skill and training I’m challenged with. But that doesn’t take away the pure joy of passing other riders on 3.rd gear, standing perfectly stable on TwinPegs™, enjoying the «ski-feeling» I first experienced on Norwegian mountain ice roads, later on loose sand at the «Wild West Enduro» in Denmark. TwinPegs™ rider Erik Helgesplass however, did well! In Kongsberg he secured a 5th place in the C-Class. Today, at the Norwegian Enduro Cup at Jevnaker, he advanced to 4. place! Congratulations, Erik! I hope too see many more pictures like the one Erik sent me.