Motorcycle enthusiasm can take many forms. I decided to redesign my old Yamaha RD350YPVS 84′ (named “BerserkRD”) from “speed record on ice” spec to Flat track spec, in order to attend to the annual flat track race “Bånn Gass Festival” in Kristiansand, Norway, 1.september 2018. The bike is rich on character, so along the way during long nights it sort of took command over the building process… It was suddenly impossible not to fulfill the dream of fitting a modified Yamaha TT500 aluminium fuel tank to it, in order to move the rider position 20-25 cm forward with respect to original spec with original tank. This led to the need of moving the foot pegs forward. A TwinPegs™ prototype kit designed for Yamaha WR was the obvious solution, as the deadline came closer fast. So suddenly the worlds first TwinPegs™ equipped flat track racer was the result of my work!

Whether TwinPegs™ will be a benefit in flat track racing, I don’t know yet. But I know for sure that it will be fun to check it out!

I made it to the event, after many hours of non-stop work through the night and the day before. The race had just ended when I arrived, so it is still not track tested, but it was anyway a very good feeling to unload the “newborn” racer, and ride it to the track. Thanks a lot to photographer Øivind Kristiansen, for the nice picture!

The bike still needs some work and modifications, with a seat, a rear fender, and some sorting of TwinPegs™ placement as the most important tasks. Testing on the fields on my farm Flateland revealed great potential in the bike anyway, 59 hp ( before tuning) of crisp two stroke YPVS power on a 132 kg motorcycle (full tank) with motocross handlebars was incredibly fun! This bike will be used as a promotion bike for TwinPegs AS, and the plan is to race it next season.