My first rodeo!


This is the first public physical presentation of the TwinPegs™ concept. It is amusing to see the look on peoples faces when they stand stable on a motorcycle for the first time, even without holding the handlebars. Feeling is believing! The obvious question came more than once: «Why isn’t

My first rodeo!2021-10-07T00:12:20+02:00

Featured in Norways biggest Motorcycle Magazine


The biggest motorcycle magazine in Norway, MC-avisa, have written and posted an article about TwinPegs™. TwinPegs™ will be presented at the motorcycle show MC-messen 2019 29.03-31.03, stand D01-27. This will be the world premiere for this product. I am looking forward to this event!  

Featured in Norways biggest Motorcycle Magazine2021-10-07T00:12:48+02:00

Kongsberg Grand National Enduro Race


I participated in the Enduro Race Kongsberg Grand National 22.sept with my TwinPegs™ equipped Yamaha WR250F. My overall results were not impressive at all, TwinPegs™ doesn’t compensate for the lack of skill and training I’m challenged with. But that doesn’t take away the pure joy of passing other riders

Kongsberg Grand National Enduro Race2021-10-07T00:17:20+02:00

“BerserkRD” – Yamaha RD350YPVS 84′


Motorcycle enthusiasm can take many forms. I decided to redesign my old Yamaha RD350YPVS 84' (named "BerserkRD") from "speed record on ice" spec to Flat track spec, in order to attend to the annual flat track race "Bånn Gass Festival" in Kristiansand, Norway, 1.september 2018. The bike is rich on

“BerserkRD” – Yamaha RD350YPVS 84′2021-10-07T00:18:17+02:00

“Tiurleiken” Enduro Race 2018


Playing with my good friends in our club «Kristiansand Enduro» is a key factor to the invention and development of the TwinPegs™. Together we organise the enduro race «Tiurleiken» on my old family farm Flateland. It’s an all weekend event, the farm fields where racers and spectators go camping for

“Tiurleiken” Enduro Race 20182021-10-07T00:20:57+02:00


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