Update/review: TwinPegs’ Adventure from Brazil to Alaska!


Update/review: TwinPegs™' Adventure from Brazil to Alaska! This amazing motorcycle adventure, riding from Rio de Janeiro to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, was an opportunity not to be missed, to test the TwinPegs extensively. For me as a designer, it is wonderful to see that the prototype kits fast-track developed

Update/review: TwinPegs’ Adventure from Brazil to Alaska!2021-10-07T00:08:43+02:00

TwinPegs™ is leaving on an adventure!


Per Atle Gustafson and Hans Tore Skaiaa are now setting out for a fantastic adventure on their trusted Buell Ulysses motorcycles. Travelling from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska! After quite a bit of «Hit and hope midnight Rock n’Roll engineering», TwinPegs™ managed to produce TwinPegs™ prototype kits

TwinPegs™ is leaving on an adventure!2021-10-07T00:09:34+02:00

Test ride a TwinPegs™ equipped BMW R1250GS!


The TwinPegs™ project is moving fast forward. The testriders in USA, Australia, Netherland, Brasil, South Africa and Norway are testing and series production is ongoing. The webshop at www.twinpegs.no is not open for orders yet, unfortunately. That is thus the main focus at the moment, hopefully this will be ready

Test ride a TwinPegs™ equipped BMW R1250GS!2021-10-07T00:10:13+02:00

My first rodeo!


This is the first public physical presentation of the TwinPegs™ concept. It is amusing to see the look on peoples faces when they stand stable on a motorcycle for the first time, even without holding the handlebars. Feeling is believing! The obvious question came more than once: «Why isn’t

My first rodeo!2021-10-07T00:12:20+02:00

TwinPegs™ for BMW R1200/1250 LC GS/GSA


It is definitively time for an TwinPegs™ update. I presented the TwinPegs™ project on several international BMW R1200/1250 GS FB forums earlier this winter, and I received valuable feedback and gained many new useful contacts among GS enthusiasts worldwide. I am proud to announce that I have reached my goal

TwinPegs™ for BMW R1200/1250 LC GS/GSA2021-10-07T00:14:04+02:00

TwinPegs™ Test Riders


The test riders are extremely important for the further development of the TwinPegs™. Jon Grevæg, Eddie Ro, Kristian Felix Jensen, Marius Helmersen, Pål Anders Ullevålseter, Anders Becker Johansen, Jon Tønnessen and Erik Helgesplass have all provided valuable input to the design of the new generation of TwinPegs™ prototype. The work

TwinPegs™ Test Riders2021-10-07T00:15:17+02:00


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