TwinPegs™ is leaving on an adventure!


Per Atle Gustafson and Hans Tore Skaiaa are now setting out for a fantastic adventure on their trusted Buell Ulysses motorcycles. Travelling from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska! After quite a bit of «Hit and hope midnight Rock n’Roll engineering», TwinPegs™ managed to produce TwinPegs™ prototype kits

TwinPegs™ is leaving on an adventure!2021-10-07T00:09:34+02:00

Race Report – Danish enduro championship – Erik Helgesplass


Since there was no race for a while here in Norway, we decided to try our luck in the Danish enduro championship.Denmark is just a quick ferry away From Norway, and well known for their great hospitality and good food (and beer). Since this was a sandrace we

Race Report – Danish enduro championship – Erik Helgesplass2019-04-10T17:01:02+02:00

TwinPegs™ Test Riders


The test riders are extremely important for the further development of the TwinPegs™. Jon Grevæg, Eddie Ro, Kristian Felix Jensen, Marius Helmersen, Pål Anders Ullevålseter, Anders Becker Johansen, Jon Tønnessen and Erik Helgesplass have all provided valuable input to the design of the new generation of TwinPegs™ prototype. The work

TwinPegs™ Test Riders2021-10-07T00:15:17+02:00

“Tiurleiken” Enduro Race 2018


Playing with my good friends in our club «Kristiansand Enduro» is a key factor to the invention and development of the TwinPegs™. Together we organise the enduro race «Tiurleiken» on my old family farm Flateland. It’s an all weekend event, the farm fields where racers and spectators go camping for

“Tiurleiken” Enduro Race 20182021-10-07T00:20:57+02:00

Debut of second generation TwinPegs™ prototype!


The debut of the second generation prototype of TwinPegs™ was on a event called "Vintertreffet 2018" in Ål, Norway. Riding on mountain roads covered with snow and ice, while standing stable on TwinPegs™ was a very fun experience. I also reached my goal of having the concept tested by one

Debut of second generation TwinPegs™ prototype!2021-10-07T00:22:49+02:00

First race with TwinPegs™ equipped Yamaha WR250F


The first race with my yellow "TwinPegs™ Equipped" Yamaha WR250F was "Wild West Enduro 2018" in the southwest of Denmark. My first attempt on riding on sand ever! Exhausting, but good fun. The TwinPegs™ performed well, even on my last lap I was able to maintain a good riding position, this

First race with TwinPegs™ equipped Yamaha WR250F2021-10-07T00:22:23+02:00


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