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Crispin Gardner

My riding mainly consists of off road adventure riding in Australia. When I saw TwinPegs in a post on Facebook I made contact with Kai Ingvald to see if they were available in Australia as I immediately could see how [...]

Mark Collier

Hello from North America!  Mark Collier here, looking forward to working with the TwinPegs group to provide better, more comfortable motorcycle riding.  Like many, I’m a lifelong motorcyclist.  Rode them all, Honda, Harley, then I grew up, Ducati and [...]

Jeff Kleist

My name is Jeff Kleist. My wife Linda and I are the owners of Vamoose Gear, an online (vamoosegear.com), adventure/dual sport motorcycle accessories business. I have been riding motorcycles for the past 49 years, starting with a homemade minibike to [...]