Erik Helgesplass rode some heats with TwinPegs last year, and were the first to win an enduro race with TwinPegs on his bike. He is a great ambassador, always looking for improvements, and so it was natural for us to continue our cooperation with Erik. He now has the title “Factory Racer”. A happy and dedicated amateur, like most of us.

Erik is a 44 year old from Krødsherad, in Buskerud, Norway. As a youth he was an eager cross rider, but he holds more x ray images than trophies from that period. He later perceived to activities like Quad cross, free-riding on skis, ice-climbing and more. He got back into Enduro in 2018, debuting at the race “Tiurleiken” only 14 days after buying his bike. “Bit by the bug”. He is going to attend as many enduro races as possible during the 2019 season, equipped with TwinPegs.

His sponsors are:

Bilskadeservice Drammen
Backstube Norway
Biotec Composite