Hello from North America!  Mark Collier here, looking forward to working with the TwinPegs group to provide better, more comfortable motorcycle riding.  Like many, I’m a lifelong motorcyclist.  Rode them all, Honda, Harley, then I grew up, Ducati and now BMW.  I’ve owned several, most recently, I ride both a GS and GSA.  I have felt the unnecessary pain of single point foot pegs and expect that a twin peg system would provide better control, better balance, a more secure riding platform especially when riding while standing.

My background is aviation.  Licensed FAA Commercial pilot with fixed and rotary-wing flight & instrument certifications.  While serving in the US Coast Guard and Navy, I flew missions around the world and was a Maintenance Test Pilot in the SH-60 airframe, I’m also “type-rated” in the SK-64 SkyCrane.

I’ve performed motorcycle test and evaluation for aftermarket windshields for both R1200GS and GSA, making modifications to form and fit.  I enjoy the possibility of making improvements, adjustments to OEM & aftermarket gear to make the best out of our motorcycling experience.

I am an Ambassador for BMW Riders of Oregon, and I’m glad to be part of this team!