TwinPegs Test Riders


The test riders are extremely important for the further development of the TwinPegs. Jon Grevæg, Eddie Ro, Kristian Felix Jensen, Marius Helmersen, Pål Anders Ullevålseter, Anders Becker Johansen, Jon Tønnessen and Erik Helgesplass have all provided valuable input to the design of the new generation of TwinPegs prototype. The work

TwinPegs Test Riders2019-07-16T09:12:37+02:00

Prototype kits in the making


Another milestone reached for TwinPegs AS tonight! Machine drawings and prefabricated unmachined TwinPegs brackets delivered to the prototype workshop, Løland Mekaniske Verksted. Too much luggage to carry on my motorcycle, nice opportunity to take the Super 7 roadster for a ride. The testriders can soon start their important work.

Prototype kits in the making2019-07-16T09:39:25+02:00

Finishing the TwinPegs prototype kits


A nice day for a buisness trip in TwinPegs Engineering! I got a tip about a local workshop that could do the necessary machining of the prototype test kits. Don’t be fooled by the old and rough buildings, I met nice and enthusiastic people with an impressive range of machines

Finishing the TwinPegs prototype kits2019-07-16T09:38:58+02:00


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