BMW R 1300 GS

3.330  NOK (+ VAT for Norwegian customers)

Available for PREORDERING!

Regular price is 3700NOK + VAT,  but if you preorder you will get the discounted price at 3330 + VAT. Delivery will start in August 2024

Complete kit including TwinPegs™ rear foot pegs. Choose between standard height and lowered height.

TwinPegs for R1300 GS is designed, production of final test batch is ongoing, and the product is ready for preorder! TwinPegs are now proven technology, this kit is based on TwinPegs design experience since 2018.

TwinPegs are race proven in Dakar Rally and Africa Eco Race 2024, and ergonomics and rear footpeg height adjustment range is similar to the racing kits. And ideal for adventure riding!

Due to summer holiday in Norwegian workshops where TwinPegs is fabricated, delivery may be delayed to approximately mid august.

BMW R1300 GS is delivered with different types of footpegs. For the fixed narrow footpegs, choose standard height kit. BMW also delivers a height adjustable footpeg. If you want to use this in upper position, choose standard height kit. If you want to use it in the lower position, choose lowered height kit. The only difference between these kits, are the version of the rear footpegs included in the kit. You keep using the primary footpegs you already have on the bike, choosing TwinPegs kit according to the height of the primary footpegs that you are using.

Caution: BMW R1300GS have a hinged lever for the centre stand. This lever can not be folded in when TwinPegs is installed, it must be left in active position at all times. Riding with this lever in active position should not be a problem. But if desired it can be modified.

When the bike stands on the centre stand, the end of the lever is 25 mm above the ground. By grinding off some material of the lever endstop, this distance is reduced, and the lever gets the same distance further out of the way.