The ergonomics and geometry of TwinPegs is developed via prototypes for enduro racing, and this particular kit is race proven in Breslau Rallye 2022 in Poland, by Norwegian rider Niklas Haugen. The ergonomics of this kit is similar to the ergonomics of the KTM 890 kit raced in the Sunraysia Safari Rally in Australia, where Rally Dakar rider Andrew Houlihan won gold on a TwinPegs equipped KTM 890 in the adv class 10.sept 2022.

However, TwinPegs have probably even more to offer to the common adventure rider. Gain control and save energy while riding standing, and have more fun with your motorcycle offroad!

The primary foot pegs are still the primary foot pegs when riding. The kit does not replace the existing foot pegs, it is an addition. The kit consist of brackets, rear foot pegs with return springs, and all attachment hardware. The kit is compatible with all aftermarket primary foot pegs down to -30 mm lowered tested so far. Pegs that are both wide, lowered and retracted will probably be difficult to accommodate. If you are going to use foot pegs with standard height, choose the kit with standard height rear foot pegs. If the foot pegs are lowered at all, choose the kit with lowered rear foot pegs.

The height of the rear foot pegs is adjustable, so the kit can be configured according to the riders preferences, choice of boots, etc.

Using the grub screws in the rear foot pegs for added grip are optional, according to the riders preferences.
With heel support, softer boots may be used with success for increased comfort. The pivoting around the rear foot peg is shifted up to the ankle joint.