TwinPegs for KTM / Husqvarna 450 Rally Factory Replica

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Here is Andrew and Mishals own words about their first race experience with TwinPegs for KTM/ Husqvarna 450 Rally Factory Replica:

“@Aurora Rally Equipment TWIN PEGS FIM BAJA WORLD CUP round one is done. A very tough 3-day rally race in the Saudi Arabian desert. We have TWIN PEGS on our bikes in Australia (KTM 500 exc, KTM 690, KTM 890). and will not ride without them. The only bike at home that doesn’t have them is our KTM450 RFR as they were not designed or produced yet for this model. Going to the 1st round of the World Baja Champs and riding a Husqvarna 450 Rally bike supplied by Mishal A. Alghuneim from Saudi Dirt Bike Centre, I was apprehensive about not having TWIN PEGS as I know how they transform the handling of the bike and reduce the amount of energy you use.

A quick discussion with Kai Ingvald Flateland from TwinPegs, and he made the impossible happen. Designing and manufacturing of 2 sets of TWIN PEGS for the KTM / Husqvarna Rally bikes only 3 weeks before the start of the race. The pegs were sent directly to the Saudi Dirt Bike Centre and installed on my Husqvarna and also on Mishal’s KTM450 RFR. I had no doubts in my mind that they would transform the already great handling of the rally bike into something even better, but Mishal was a little skeptical. We had no time to pre ride or test the pegs set up and went straight into Stage 1 prologue with them. After the short stage Mishal and I were both amazed at how they worked but we still had 2 full days of racing in the dunes with them. The biggest concern on the Rally bike is that they might get in the way or obstruct the rider and interfere with the varied terrain we encounter in rally races. Undoubtedly the TWIN PEGS were the best thing we added to our bikes for this demanding race in the dunes. The last time I was in these dunes was for Dakar and did not have the TWIN PEGS. What an amazing difference they make to the Rally bikes in the deep rough sand and dunes. And after a demanding 250km stage of sand and dunes I used far less energy with the TWIN PEGS. Having the Twin Pegs was a huge advantage for both myself & Mishal Mishal A. Alghuneim from Saudi Dirt Bike Centre “I was very skeptical but had the opportunity to test them out in this rally as I need all the help I can get as my ankle has not healed; I can’t handle any over flexing in my left ankle so thought this might help.

After two days of racing and adjusting setting, I really see an advantage in comfort and safety. With also an advantage in loading up the rear to get more traction and stability in sandy tracks. Andrew and I had the first production sets for Rally Replicas, I got 5th overall with a fractured tibia and Andrew got 1st place in the veteran’s class and 9th overall. Quality product that is well engineered for sure! ” The results that Mishal & I achieved at round 1 can be directly attributed to having the TWIN PEGS on our bikes. They are a game changer not only for adventure and enduro riding, but a must have for desert and sand riding / racing.

Hail Saudi Arabia
Andrew Houlihan
P-1 Veterans Overall
P-9 Outright
Mishal A. Alghuneim
P-5 Outright
Can’t wait for R2 in Doha, Qatar !!!!”

The design of this kit is based on five years of design experience with TwinPegs prototypes and commercial products for adventure riding and enduro racing. The kit has adjustable foot peg camber angle, and height adjustable rear foot pegs. The kit is designed for standard height KTM 450 RFR foot pegs.

It is developed for Africa Eco Race/ Rally Dakar, and have been race proven in FIM Baja World Cup 2023 by Andrew Houlihan and Mishal Alghuneim. TwinPegs love loose sand, rocky technical sections, long hard special stages and tiresome transport stages! Save energy and gain control. Experience fast and effortless transfer of rider weight towards the rear wheel; when in sand, when climbing, or when extra traction is required! Upgrade your rally bike with TwinPegs, and ride faster further!

In the first race with this brand new TwinPegs kit, FIM Baja World Cup Round 1, Saudi Baja Ha’il, Andrew Houlihan won the veterans class, and finished as 9.p outright. Mishal Alghuneim finished at 5.p outright in his first race ever on TwinPegs. In the second race with this kit, FIM Baja World Cup Round 2, Qatar International Baja, Andrew Houlihan confirmed his result from Round 1 by again winning the veterans class and finishing as 4.p outright. Mishal Alghuneim had some navigational trouble in this race, and finished as 13.p outright.

Racing is a harsh but fair judge over what works, and what doesn’t. TwinPegs works! Michael “Mick” Jackson from Australia was the first to race and finish Finke Desert race on TwinPegs in 2022, on a KTM 890 Rally. He described the experience like this: “With TwinPegs you arrive faster, safer and fresher!”