The TwinPegs rear brackets allow foldable rear footpegs. All original and most of the aftermarket footpegs for the actual motorcycle model will fit in the rear position, with full foldable functionality.

The TwinPegs kit standard height kit is designed to provide additional footrest surfaces at the same height as the original footpegs. This is the preferred setup for standup riding with normal low heel boots.

When using TwinPegs rear footpegs, they offer some extra functionality over other footpegs:

1. The TwinPegs footpegs can be locked in folded up position, by using a couple of regular bolts. Two stainless M6 x 50 bolts is enclosed with every kit, and can be replaced by any bolt. The benefit of locking the rear footpeg in the upfolded position, is to provide heel support when the riders foot has a slanted angle due to riding in a sitting position. The additional heel support will give added comfort under long stretches of riding in a sitting position.

2. The TwinPegs footpegs have two M6 threaded holes for fastening spacers. Adding some spacer height to the rear footpeg, may be a viable option for people who do most of their riding in the sitting position. This will give these riders extra comfort and feedback by having their leg weight shared between two footpegs, when the foot is slanted while sitting.  They will still have the benefit of standing stable with heel support, even if the heels are a little higher. The picture shows test rider Jon Tønnessen’s setup, where pieces of a car tire were used as a spacer. Readymade spacers will be introduced later.


TwinPegs brackets and footpegs are made of tough 6082 T6 aluminum. The material is weldable and have good fatigue properties, impact and corrosion resistance. They are anodized, for durable good looks and increased wear and corrosion resistance.

TwinPegs assembly pieces are made of stainless AISI 316L steel.

All bolts are high quality, made of stainless AISI 316L steel.

Return springs for rear footpegs are made of stainless steel.