TwinPegs on a BMW

The TwinPegs™ brackets accept standard and most aftermarket footpegs in the primary foot peg (forward) position. Included 20 mm aftermarket lowered foot pegs. All foot pegs that fit in the forward position, will also fit in the rear position.

The complete kit consist of brackets, TwinPegs™ foot pegs of standard height, and assembly details. This will work with standard height foot pegs in the forward position.

The bracket kit is without TwinPegs™ foot pegs. This kit is suited for customers that have two pair of foot pegs of the same height, either standard height or lowered.

Most aftermarket sidestand enlargers must be modified to fit TwinPegs™ brackets. The TwinPegs™ Bigfoot sidestand enlarger is designed to fit the TwinPegs™ brackets.