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Mark Collier


Mark Collier Oregon Ride Report / Review, TwinPegs. i was intrigued at the concept of a dual-peg ride format, so i contacted the designer, Kai Ingvald Flateland, and asked to get involved early in the test and evaluation process. (i previously worked with after-market windshield design / builder

Mark Collier2021-10-07T00:08:05+02:00

Jeff Kleist


Jeff Kleist Colorado Just returned from riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR). We brought along several new products to try out on an extended off-road ride! The one we are most excited about is TwinPegs! They provide an incredible amount of comfort and stability while riding off road!

Jeff Kleist2019-12-04T10:15:34+01:00

Erik Helgesplass


Erik Helgesplass Norway Had my first practice sessions with prototype Twinpegs mountet on a 2017 Ktm exc 250 this weekend, and first that comes into my mind is, "wow, this is pretty awsome". I think I go into the weekend worrier category, and I lack both stamina and

Erik Helgesplass2019-12-04T10:21:39+01:00

Crispin Gardner


Crispin Gardner Australia My riding mainly consists of off road adventure riding in Australia. When I saw TwinPegs in a post on Facebook I made contact with Kai Ingvald to see if they were available in Australia as I immediately could see how these would suit long distance off

Crispin Gardner2019-12-04T10:21:32+01:00

Update/review: TwinPegs’ Adventure from Brazil to Alaska!


Update/review: TwinPegs™' Adventure from Brazil to Alaska! This amazing motorcycle adventure, riding from Rio de Janeiro to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, was an opportunity not to be missed, to test the TwinPegs extensively. For me as a designer, it is wonderful to see that the prototype kits fast-track developed

Update/review: TwinPegs’ Adventure from Brazil to Alaska!2021-10-07T00:08:43+02:00

Jon Tønnessen


Jon Tønnessen Norway As the world’s first test pilot for the Twinpegs for BMW R1200GS I have now been testing this out for 5 weeks, and well over 10.000km of riding in the Alps, Dolomites and some rather interesting gravel roads in Slovenia. First of all, the Twinpegs kit

Jon Tønnessen2019-12-04T10:21:23+01:00

TwinPegs™ is leaving on an adventure!


Per Atle Gustafson and Hans Tore Skaiaa are now setting out for a fantastic adventure on their trusted Buell Ulysses motorcycles. Travelling from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska! After quite a bit of «Hit and hope midnight Rock n’Roll engineering», TwinPegs™ managed to produce TwinPegs™ prototype kits

TwinPegs™ is leaving on an adventure!2021-10-07T00:09:34+02:00

Test ride a TwinPegs™ equipped BMW R1250GS!


The TwinPegs™ project is moving fast forward. The testriders in USA, Australia, Netherland, Brasil, South Africa and Norway are testing and series production is ongoing. The webshop at www.twinpegs.no is not open for orders yet, unfortunately. That is thus the main focus at the moment, hopefully this will be ready

Test ride a TwinPegs™ equipped BMW R1250GS!2021-10-07T00:10:13+02:00


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